Family Planning Education

AALFA Family Clinic is proud to offer on-site quality Natural Family Planning (NFP) education as part of our fertility care emphasis.

What is Natural Family Planning (NFP)?

NFP is understanding the natural signs of a woman's fertility which are readily recognizable by any woman. It is fertility awareness. The knowledge gained from NFP instruction allows couples to space, postpone, avoid or enhance the possibility of conception without any chemical or physiological alterations of the reproductive system (female or male).

Contemporary methods of NFP are sometimes referred to as "Fertility Awareness" since they are ultimately based on awareness of natural symptoms of fertility that are readily recognizable by any woman. As such they are distinct from older "calendar" methods.

Where can I learn more about NFP?

Does AALFA Family Clinic offer NFP consultation and instruction?

AALFA Family Clinic offers NFP consultations and group or individual instruction for our patients by appointment. We have two Fertility Care Practitioners: Cheryl McKee, P.A. and Janet DeRosier.

To set up an individual consultation or to attend an introductory class at AALFA Family Clinic during regular business hours, call the clinic directly at 651-653-0062 to schedule an appointment with Cheryl McKee, P.A.

For evening or Saturday appointments, contact Janet DeRosier with the Twin Cities FertilityCare™ Center, 651-232-3088 or 651-407-3452. Visit their website for more information and additional class schedules.

I am already practicing NFP, but have follow-up questions.

In addition to introductory NFP instruction, our Providers frequently see patients for abnormal menstrual cycles, infertility, abnormal bleeding, and related conditions. If you have already been charting using a natural family planning method, and would like to be seen for evaluation of problems associated with your fertility, please call to schedule an appointment with a Primary Provider.

If you have been referred to our clinic by your current NFP instructor for cycle management issues and/or infertility, please call to schedule an appointment.

Be sure to bring any current NFP charts you may have to your appointment.

How much will my visit cost?

Always check with your insurance company prior to your appointment to determine your coverage, benefits, and cost responsibility. The cost for your visit will depend on the scope of problems addressed and evaluated. More…

Clinic Hours / Appointments

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Urgent Care / After-Hours Care

We offer same day appointments during regular clinic hours for Urgent Care.

After-hours our doctors are on-call through our answering service: 651-653-0062