Bringing Your Child to the Doctor

My child is sick. Do I need to bring them in to see the doctor?

Preparing for your child's visit:

Has your child been taking any medications? Vitamins or supplements? Over the counter medications? Bring the bottles with you to your appointment so your doctor can accurately assess their condition and provide appropriate treatment.

New to AALFA? Have your child's immunization records and other pertinent health history information faxed or mailed to our clinic. Print form here.

Have questions? Feel free to write down your questions and bring them to the appointment for your child's doctor to review. They will do their best to address your concerns at the visit. If your questions or concerns require a more extensive exam or consultation, they may ask you to schedule another appointment to ensure thorough evaluation of your child's condition and provide appropriate treatment.

When is my child due for their next Well Child Exam?

  • Well Child Visit Schedule - AALFA's general outline of your child's Well-Visit schedule, complete with immunization recommendations and a summary of what the visit will entail.

  • Child and Teen Check-Ups (C&TC) - MN Department of Health's resource for your child's recommended age-related screening standards.

What shots will my child receive at their next visit?

  • Immunization Schedules - The CDC's resource for up-to-date, easy-to-read printouts of immunization schedules for every age.

  • Vaccine Information - Visit our vaccine information page for immunization schedules, vaccine information statements, and answers to your FAQs.

Clinic Hours / Appointments

Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm
Appointments: 651-653-0062

Urgent Care / After-Hours Care

We offer same day appointments during regular clinic hours for Urgent Care.

After-hours our doctors are on-call through our answering service: 651-653-0062